Talking Sticks game was created by rural teachers in Sarawak to teach Primary Two schools students (8 years old) about Addition in Mathematics subject. The learning outcome is that the students will be able to sum up the marks correctly based on number of colour sticks that they have collected. This game can be play for 60 minutes.

The rules of the game is:
1. Student can pick up more than one sticks if the other sticks stay untouched/not moving.
2. If the student has moved the stick, then next player will take their turn.
3. Each colour indicate certain mark.
4. Students need to add up all the marks according to colour of the stick that have collected.
5. Student who have the highest mark will be a winner.

The instructions (How to play the game?):
1. Each student has to pick up one stick at a time.
2. Add the marks according to the colour stick picked.
3. Wait until the student has finished their turn, then the next student will pick up the stick.
4. Repeat step 1 and 2 until the time is up.
5. Calculate the total sum and compare it with their friends.

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